308 Springfield Avenue

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

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Our Approach

Our Approach is simple...

"An Accurate Diagnosis Leads to Rapid Results" 

We treat you like an elite athlete who needs to get ready for the next game and feeling better as soon as possible. We Listen and give you the care you need.

Our integrative approach is three fold:

1. Feel Better- Relief Care

  • Diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your condition
  • Recommend a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
  • Determine if nutritional intervention is needed for your quick recovery
  • Refer to the appropriate specialist if necessary

2. Get Better- Rehabilitative Care

  • Corrective exercises are given to restore your flexibility, strength, and stability
  • Focus shifts to exercises, active care and lifestyle modification for long term correction of your problem.

3. Stay Better- Wellness Care

  • Your Wellness option:
  • Research has shown that 12-17 wellness visits per year reduces medical visits 43% and medical expenses 20% annually.
  • Keeps you well and pain free!

We strive to exceed your expectations and let you decide the path to follow to meet your goals.