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Dieting and Psoriasis

Since the most common symptoms of psoriasis are noticed on the skin, you may wonder how a chiropractic doctor can help with a non-spine condition. In fact, psoriasis is an immune system disorder that presents itself with a buildup of dead skin cells that you see as red, itchy and scaly skin. This build up occurs because your immune system is sending a signal to produce new skin cells in a handful of days instead of the normal month of days the body requires. Since the old cells are not eliminated as quickly, they build up on your skin and you experience itchiness or see the flakes of skin as they fall off. 

You may have tried topical ointments to reduce your symptoms, but that is all the ointments do- eliminate symptoms. This topical treatment does not get to the root of the problem. Dr. Donald at DeFabio of DeFabio Chiropractic Spine and Sports Rehab focuses improving your immune system and eliminating any food triggers that are causing your immune system to misfire and lead to psoriasis.

Dr. John Pagano's Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Psoriasis is a chronic condition and to manage it and reduce symptoms, Dr. DeFabio recommends following an anti inflammatory diet by Dr. Pagano. The John Pagano diet was developed by a chiropractic doctor who searched for a natural way to treat psoriasis. The John Pagano diet concentrates on eliminating certain foods that are known to trigger an immune system response. Some of the trigger foods include artificial sweeteners, sugar, most red meats, flour, alcohol, caffeine, and nightshades like tomatoes and peppers. Dr. DeFabio speaks with you about which foods will keep your psoriasis at bay while providing important nutrients for health. Before you begin this diet, it is important to have a complete evaluation with Dr. DeFabio. Dieting and psoriasis may seem like a new approach to reducing your symptoms, but it is a natural way to reduce the skin irritations. Dr. DeFabio at DeFabio Chiropractic Spine and Sports Rehab supports you as the make the transition to eating a diet that may now include plenty of leafy green vegetables, colorful fruits, cold water fish and flax seed oil. He shows you anti inflammatory menus of easy to make meals and how to adjust your snacks to fit in with your new diet.

Talk to Dr. Donald DeFabio

Since psoriasis is a chronic immune system condition, chiropractic care and anti inflammatory dieting help to reduce your painful skin symptoms. Gentle adjustments help to keep your immune system functioning properly and a diet that is designed to decrease inflammation helps to eliminate the dry, itchy skin that comes from a fast turnover of new cells. If you are suffering from psoriasis and are looking for a natural treatment option, we invite you to schedule a consultation by phone, FaceTime or Skype with Dr. DeFabio at DeFabio Chiropractic Spine and Sports Rehab. Our healing options not only eliminate symptoms, but we also address the source of the issue. Please call us today at 908-771-0220 for natural psoriasis relief.