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Rehab Recovery Room

Welcome to DeFabio's own Rehabilitation Recovery Room! Here we offer several services to return to function, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness,achieve optimal performance, and hit new personal records!

Services include:

Winback Tecar: This non-invasive high-frequency current stimulates the body's natrual repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange. There are 3 different frequencys which target specific areas of the body (i.e. muscles, joints, bones). Common conditions that have had great success in our office include: arthritis, frozen shoulder, patellofemoral tracking syndrome, carpal tunnel, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Normatec:  This technology uses dynamic air compression to help create the circulation of oxygenated blood and alleviate soreness to the affected limbs.  Benefits include increasing circulation of blood flow, lessening pain sensitivity, decreasing acute muscle fatigue, and improving range of motion and flexibility.  This service is perfect for pre or post competition or game.

Carewear: This new wireless technology that delivers a therapeutic dose of heat and light to the affected painful area. It is a drug-free alternative to pain relief.  This device is perfect to temporarily relieve localized pain from sprains and strains. It can also help relax muscle spasms, relieve stiffness and temporarily increase local circulation. Successful treatments seen for TMJ, headaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, and tendinitis.

RPW: Radial pulse wave technology generates oscillations in the tissue which sends acoustic waves into the body stimulating the body's natural healing process.  Common conditions that have had great success in our office include plantar fascitis, adhesive capsulitis, muscle knots, and chronic neck and upper back soreness.

Cold Laser: Using infrared light to stimualte metabolic activity and speed up the healing process in a specific area of the body. This service can be used for costochondritis, acute and chronic tendinopathy, cysts/bursitis, acute traumatic injury.