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 Guided DOLORCAST Pulse Wave therapy is the treatment of choice for tendinitis - even when you have calcium deposits in the tendon!

DOLORCAST RPW is pressure wave therapy at its finest. Perfect for chronic and acute pain in the muscles and tendons. The pressure waves penetrate several inches into the body to alleviate tightness, pain and stiffness. Current research demonstartes RPW is a first line treatment for plantar fasciitis as well as being effective for  shoulder tendinitis, even with calcium depsoits! 

The DOLORCAST's effectiveness is due to two main reasons:

  1. The appilicator is spring loaded, therefore, the energy produced in the transducer is transimitted into the  body comfortably, enabling higher dosing of the pressure waves. Higher dosing means faster results.
  2. It operates with 2 compressors, each with 2 speeds which maintains the power level  consistent at low and high speeds. Again, makin gthe DOLORCAST RPW unit the most effective  pressure wave unit available today.

Most patients find 6-8 sessions at a frequency of once per week is effective for tendon and  muscle issues, even chronic ones! In addition, studies show that the DOLORCAST RPW performs  equally well copared to focused shock wave.

Scheudle an appointment today for this novel and effective treatment for pain relief.